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Twonder Woman to the Rescue!

Hi, I'm Lisha Yost, Founder of Twonder Woman.

In 2009 I lost my job and it was then that I began my online entrepreneurial journey. By 2011, I realized what a powerhouse Twitter could be for my blogging business, so I hopped on and created an account.

Once I realized how much success I was personally gaining from my Twitter marketing, I decided I wanted to help others grow their brand on Twitter as well.

Fast forward 4 years later and I have now helped over 500 people manage and grow their Twitter accounts and get more traffic, leads and sales straight from my simple yet highly effective Twitter marketing strategies.

I originally started this service on Fiverr until I realized what a great need there is for someone with the knowledge and skills needed to properly manage Twitter accounts for small businesses at an affordable price. So I expanded.

Inspired by one of my Fiverr clients calling me Wonder Woman, in came the birth of Twonder Woman, the Super Hero Twitter Manager!

Twitter Services

Many people since fiverr have also thoroughly appreciated Twitter services at Twonder Woman. Check out our testimonials here.

I decided I wanted an actual drawing of Twonder Woman, so I brainstormed what I wanted her to look like. I figured she might as well look like Wonder Woman, just with a more Twitter-ish look.

And since the idea of Twonder Woman technically came out of my Fiverr shinanigans, I decided her look might as well come from there as well. So I scoured Fiverr for the best comic book artist I could find who had a style I was looking for. I ended up hiring davidayala and I'm so glad I did because he did a fantastic job!

Other Awesome Qualifications and Tidbits

In 2003 I went on a 3-month extensive sales training program to do nothing other than... sell books door-to-door! What an experience! I can definitely say I will never be a door-to-door saleswoman ever again, but I learned so much that I still take with me and use to this day.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2006. With this background, along with numerous years of research, practice, trial-and-error, and personal experience in marketing and sales, I know what language converts and what strategies to use to attract more traffic, leads and sales.

About 80% of the visits to my websites come from my corresponding Twitter account efforts, so Twitter is my favorite social media platform for attracting more traffic to my own sites. That's why I initially started off offering only Twitter services. In 2013, I expanded to include Facebook services, and because I've had so many requests, starting in 2016, I am introducing Instagram services to all my clients as well!

At this link, you will find out what my clients think of me, and whether or not they have benefited from my services. I'll give you a hint: Some of the words used are "grateful, awesome, trustworthy, secret weapon, off-the-charts, excellent, responsive, fantastic, outstanding, expert, transparent, patient, quality, fortunate, value, real, incredible, support, professional, helpful, best, attentive, flawless..." well, you get the picture. See for yourself!

Professional, Personal, Affordable

Is your Twitter account taking too much time to manage? Do you want to optimize your usage of Twitter, but don't have the time or the know-how? Twonder Woman to the rescue!!!

Twonder Woman has the expertise you need to drive more traffic from Twitter to your site. Get more leads, signups, and sales! If you need to outsource your Twitter tasks, you have definitely come to the right place.

Currently a "one woman show", Twonder Woman works hard for you to grow your followers. And not just any followers, but real followers who are genuinely interested in YOUR niche! Twonder Woman will also tweet for you, and respond to anyone who's talking to you on Twitter, and much more!

Specializing in helping online business entrepreneurs and bloggers get more traffic and maximizing their full potential with Twitter, Twonder Woman is the only one for the job who'll get it done right, and at a price you can afford.

Gone are the days when you're spending thousands of dollars every month on social media management. It's time that you got full service at a reasonable price.

Gone are the days when you're spending nights and weekends trying to catch up with people and promote yourself on Twitter. Twonder Woman has it all taken care of!

It takes time to build a following and solid reputation with great connections on Twitter, and who has that time? Not you! It's time to hire Twonder Woman to do it for you and save up to 37 hours per month in the process to maximize your time elsewhere or just get that much needed R&R!

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