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What Do You Get With Twonder Status Updates?

If you don't have the time to constantly be updating your Facebook page with fresh new content to keep your fans' attention, then that is what we're here for.

What's the point of having a Facebook page, if you're not going to use it to its optimal potential? You gotta post stuff every so often so you can get on your fans' home streams and stay in the forefront of their mind. That way, when they finally realize they need a product or service you offer, they will think of you!

When you hire us to do your status updates for you, it's up to you what you want us to post. We recommend a mix of interesting, informative, entertaining, and promotional posts. We suggest that only 1/3 or 1/4 of your posts be promotional, and all other posts should offer some other form of informational or entertaining value to your fans.

People love those inspirational image quotes, cool photos, funny/informative videos, or reading relevant articles that they'd be interested in, so we'll definitely keep your fans entertained with those types of posts.

When it's time to post something promotional, we will gather information directly from your site. So if you have any special things going on, we will let your Facebook fans know. Or you can also let us know anytime if you have anything specific going on that you'd like us to periodically post about on your page.

If you have a blog, we will syndicate your blog to post a status update on your Facebook page each time you publish a new post. This is a great way to get return visitors to your site/blog.

If you would like us to keep your Facebook page active, constantly getting your fans' attention for you, click here to fill out the Facebook Management contact form and we will discuss the process with you via email and get started on it right away.

*Please note that most Twonder Woman Facebook management services require admin access, which we will discuss via email. We strive to give you the most comprehensive Facebook management possible, at a price you can afford. We take this business very seriously, and we will never take advantage of your trust.
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