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What Do You Get With Twonder Followers?

The only way to get real followers who are interested in your niche is to follow the right people. An average of 20% of people you follow will follow you back if you're following people who will be most likely to be interested in what you are all about. By following the right people, you know that the right people are following you, so you will have targeted followers who are interested in whatever it is you have to offer.

With Twonder Followers, we will follow the right people on your behalf so you don't have to spend the time searching for the right people yourself.

We follow based on what people are interested in, keywords, location (if applicable), and based on who they're following. Chances are, if they are following a Twitter account similar to yours, they will be interested in and follow you too!

We start everything off slowly and gradually to avoid Twitter radar suspicion because Twitter seems to target new accounts, or accounts that make any drastic changes in behavior, like following more on a daily basis than usual. So for the first week, we have you follow about 25 people per day. We up it each week until you are following 80 relevant people per day. Then we keep it at 80 per day until you have over 5,000 followers, at which time, we increase it to 100 per day. Once you reach 10,000 followers we up it to 120 per day, and so on. If you would like us to follow a certain number per day we will comply with your wishes, afterall, this is your twitter account. However, by our experience, this is the best strategy to avoid a possible suspension, so we advise that you stick with our plan. Following less is obviously more cautious, but following more is obviously less cautious.

We will also unfollow anyone who does not follow you back after 4 days. This makes room for more following and keeps your following to followers ratio low (right where we want it). Four days is the perfect amount of time to wait because it is not a super fast "follow/unfollow churn" (which Twitter radar police do not like) and it also gives active people enough time to follow you back. If they don't follow you back within 4 days, they are not active enough on Twitter for it to be worth it for you to continue following them.

By default, when conducting the unfollowing portion of our service, some of the people you have been following for a long time who are not following you back will be unfollowed, so if there is anyone you are following who is not following you back and you do not want to unfollow them under any circumstances, then you will need to let us know their Twitter username(s). The username of an account is the part that comes before the @ symbol. Any usernames you wish to never unfollow will be put on your account's whitelist. We do not create whitelists for accounts who have ordered the budget-friendly option of Followers service (that is only part of our Deluxe Followers service). You must send us the usernames that you do not want to unfollow.

Twonder Followers service by default does not include following back those who follow you first. But if you would like us to do this, simply let us know and we'll include that in our service for you.

This service will save you over 7 hours per month if you were to scour Twitter in search of the right people to follow in hopes of a followback, not to mention having to manually unfollow those who don't follow back after 4 days. Save yourself some headaches and time and allow us to do the hard work for you. Sit back and relax, or spend your time on other important tasks for your business while we get all the followers that are right for you and interested in your business/website!
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