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What Do You Get With Twonder Response?

Responding to people and interacting with your followers and potential followers can be the most time consuming part of managing your Twitter account, and it can be the most important part as well.

If you are following people and they don’t see you interacting at all, they may block/report your account as spam. Too many blocks/reports and Twitter may suspend your account.

Also, every time you interact with someone, it puts you on their radar, thereby attracting them (and others) to your account.

With Twonder Reponse, we will respond to every single person who talks to, mentions, and direct messages you, plus interact with and retweet interesting relevant tweets from your niche and your followers. This service can also include broadcasting directly to targeted individuals about your products, service, blog, site, etc. Twonder Response also includes TrueTwit Validation for anyone who requires that so they know you're not a bot. This helps prevent people reporting you as spam, and gets you more followers as well.

We'll also do some great retweets that will be interesting and relevant for your followers. Retweets are great for getting the attention of (and kissing up to) other Twitter users, along with making your Twitter account look a bit more lively and generous.

What to do about Truetwit validation requests that are sent via Direct Message? Ignore them! Here's why.

We typically do Response tasks every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but no matter what days exactly, it will be done every 2-3 days on your Twitter account. Over the course of a month, we will have manually tweeted and retweeted about 150 times for you, and respond to all personal direct messages as well. If you order from our deluxe services, then we will obviously be doing more days and more interactions.

Anything that we do not have enough personal knowledge about we will hand over to you to ensure the correct response is made. This is rare, but we don’t want to complicate any relationships by saying the wrong thing, so we take precaution to make sure everything that is stated is true and what you would want to be said. We also do not talk about religion or politics - unless of course that is the niche of your twitter account ;)

This service will save you over 7 hours per month if you were to do it yourself and try to build connections and trust with your followers, which is necessary for maximum growth and exposure for your business and/or goals on Twitter.
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