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Fiverr review from salmeron in 2013:

Fiverr message from albertomoringo in June 2013:

Email from Mark on December 5, 2013:

"This is my first time using Twonder Woman service for my social media campaign for my publishing business. She is a very patient service provider and answered all my queries each time I have questions for her. Best of all, I am getting more sales of our kindle books and subscribers to our blog after using her service. I highly recommended this service if you want not only to increase your Facebook fans, your twitter followers, but also get more sales, subscribers for your business. Thanks a lot, Lisha for providing such good service." - Kong Publishing House, myreaderspress.com, December 11, 2013

"I feel so fortunate to have found Lisha - who is very much the real Twonder Woman! In an industry so filled with spammy techniques, Lisha has a refreshingly expert and completely transparent approach to growing your following. I went from having around 100 followers to now close to 7,000 - but more importantly, these aren't just empty followers but real people. I have formed professional relationships and even started collaborative partnerships, all thanks to the work that Lisha has done. She is always happy to hear from you and executes any suggested changes rapidly. I could not recommend Lisha highly enough!"
- Mark, December 12, 2013

"I was very new to social media marketing. I didn't know a tweet from a hashtag and had many questions to ask. Lisha explained everything to me and guided me when I wasn't a customer {yet}. I didn't know if I was going to use her service but she educated me enough to make a decision about her services. I decided to use her and she is managing my Twitter account with no interruptions or suspensions while keeping quality visitors signing up. Kudos." - Mike, Buffalo NY, 123verified.com, December 16, 2013

"I feel fortunate to have found Lisha, working in the gambling industry is highly competitive and getting real twitter followers who will follow back is getting more and more tough as competition increases. Lisha offers a great service at a truly great value price, my followers have increased about 4x from when I started and her support by email has been incredible." - Dean, bothteamstoscore.org, December 18, 2013

"I used Lisha's services to help jump start a new Twitter following, and she didn't disappoint. She's been more than helpful, her customer service is great, and she's extremely professional. And it's helpful to have some of the load handled sometimes when managing more than one social media account. Can't recommend her highly enough!" - Cori, June 20, 2014

"Hi Twonder Woman, Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome efforts on my two twitter accounts. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my app series lately and I really appreciate the audience you’ve gathered for me and how much time I’ve saved thanks to your service! Please keep up the awesome work! Many Thanks, Liam" May 26, 2015

"Thank you very much. I will be recommending you to friends of mine who have no idea what they are doing on Social Media." - Matt, August 10, 2015

Email from Danny on September 11, 2015:

Twitter Message from Michael on December 9, 2015:

Email from Liam on January 14, 2016:

"I'm so excited to see that my account is approaching 10k followers. It seems a lot of people are learning from it and I'm surprised at its incredible rate of growth over the past few months thanks to your services!"
- Liam, March 7, 2016

Facebook post from Lillian on April 20, 2016:

"Twonderwoman took my small business tweeting from lost in the wilderness to wow! Social media is not a natural skill for me and I don't have the time to spend following, tweeting and being amazing on Twitter. Why I love this service: value for money and quality. No language barrier, no quality barrier. Her attention to detail and sunny messaging amazes me. Highly recommended."
- Adrian, Sept 28, 2016

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